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Zombie Killer

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About Zombie Killer


Grab your firearms and walk outdoors in Zombie Killer, for the zombies are on their way! The undead are both repulsive and frightening. The only thing on these walking dead's minds is to break into your home. Will you be able to reject them and defend yourself from their relentless attacks?

It's time to make these living corpses wish they hadn't left their graves! The goal of this game is to go through each level by eliminating all of the zombies before they get to your base. They may be sluggish, so proceed with caution. To begin the game, go to the main menu and press the play button. The zombies will approach from the right side of the screen, while your character will be on the left side. You may notice several tools to utilize at the bottom of the screen. Kill the zombies before they reach your walls and destroy them. As you slay zombies, you gain coins. These may be used to upgrade five distinct stats in the game's store. During the later stages, your opponent's strikes will grow more fierce. You have the option of requesting assistance.

Feature : 

  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 10 different medals that you can earn
  • Multiple levels to complete
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • 5 different stats that you can upgrade

How to play

You can use your mouse and your keyboard to play this game

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