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Squid game 2

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About Squid game 2


Can you endure as a participant in Squid Game 2? In this survival game, you are on your own and must exert great effort to remain alive. You can feel the blood racing through your veins as many people around you are removed one by one. But try to maintain composure and survive perilous games in this deadly event!

In this game, you will get the opportunity to test your survival abilities in a series of perilous challenges. In the first level, you must remove the forms from the honeycomb sugar without shattering it or being caught using a lighter to cheat. You will now play the well-known red light-green light game; thus, try not to move while the red light is on. At the third level, you must play hide-and-seek like a kid, but you must be out of the guard's line of sight to avoid being shot. Then, attempt to be the last person standing on the glass platform, where each step causes the floor to collapse under you. In the next round, you must dash for your life through the racetrack to finish the perilous race. Finally, defeat your opponent by continuously slapping him in the face if you can flip the cardboard on the floor. You may proceed to more difficult rounds of the same games and improve your bunk bed as you go through the game. Get your character reach competitor number 456 and become the Squid Game champion. 

• 3D colorful graphics
• Multiple rounds
• Various challenging games to complete
• Intuitive controls

How to play

You can use your mouse or the arrow key to play this game

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