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Mine Shooter Monsters Royale

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About Mine Shooter Monsters Royale


Mine Shooter Monsters Royale is a horror action and adventure game in which you have to control your character to shoot down zombies and Huggy Wuggy.

Welcome to the cooperation of the horror games and the action games! In this game, you will participate in the adventures of a survivor, use your weapons to kill all zombies, and even Huggy Wuggy. There are various weapons for you to select. Moreover, you have to complete private missions at each level. Each level requires you to kill a different number of zombies. Therefore, pay attention to this parameter to finish the level and proceed to the next level.

Besides that, you also pick one of three maps, including Night Suburbia, Construction Site, and Battle Royale. Each map has unique environment, topography, and challenges.

Features of Mine Shooter Monsters Royale

  • An exciting horror game when cooperating with shooting games
  • Various levels, maps, and weapons

How to control

  • WASD to walk around
  • Mouse to look around
  • Left mouse button to fire
  • Right mouse button to aim
  • Mouse wheel to change weapons

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